Nordkalottleden (Nordkalottruta)

Finland Finland
Norway Norway
Sweden Sweden

Worth knowing

The Nordkalottleden runs for a length of 680 kilometers through Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The difficulty of the trail is rated as demanding and it usually takes 34 days to walk the Nordkalottleden.
Of course, how long it really takes for the trail depends on the experience and fitness of the hikers.

The drinking water supply is on the way no problem, since there are numerous possibilities to fill up the water supplies.
This can be done, for example, at streams, springs, but also at wells or public facilities. However, the water may have to be filtered before drinking!

On the trail you are self-sufficient.
But at irregular intervals (at least every few days) there is the possibility to buy food.
This needs to be planned accordingly and it can only be recommended to contact the aid stations and check the opening hours.

You can stay overnight in managed huts, in unmanaged huts, in a tent/tarp and in guesthouses/hotels along the way.

Wild camping is allowed As always, leave behind no traces . Rubbish has to be taken away and nature has to be respected and protected!

Campfires are currently allowed. However, this can change at any time.
Therefore, please be sure to pay attention to public notices and a possible risk of forest fires..
In addition, new fireplaces should never be built, but existing ones should be used.

Facts about Nordkalottleden

680 km
Elevation gain
14.000 m
Elevation loss
13.750 m
Highest Point
1.157 m
Lowest Point
100 m
Round Trip?
Walk in both directions?
680 km
14.000 m
13.750 m
1.157 m
100 m
You have the following accommodation options on the Nordkalottleden
  • in managed huts
  • in unmanaged huts
  • in a tent/tarp
  • in guesthouses/hotels along the way
Solitude on the Nordkalottleden
Wilderness / Virtually no people and no settlements

The best time to hike the Nordkalottleden is:


Arrival to the Nordkalottleden

You will arrive via Helsinki Vantaa Airport.

You can get to Starting point via Bus / Flugzeug. Duration approx. 8 hours.

Departure from the Nordkalottleden

Departure is via Stockholm-Arlanda Airport.

You can get to the airport per Bus / Flugzeug. Takes about 10 hours.

Map and elevation profile of the Nordkalottleden

What else you should know about the Nordkalottleden

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Here are some impressions of the Nordkalottleden

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