The most beautiful long-distance hikes and trekking tours in Wyoming 2023

Wyoming is an outdoor paradise for those who love to explore and discover the beauty of nature. From the majestic Grand Teton Mountains to the vast Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming has plenty of opportunities for long-distance hikes. Whether you choose to take the Continental Divide Trail, the Wind River High Route, or the Teton Crest Trail, you will be rewarded with stunning views, unique wildlife, and unforgettable memories. These three treks are among the best long-distance hikes in the country and are sure to provide an unforgettable experience. So if you're looking for an adventure, Wyoming is the perfect place to explore and experience the beauty of nature.

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1. Teton Crest Trail

Greetings hikers! Are you looking for a long-distance hike with stunning views? Look no further than the Teton Crest Trail. This 63 km long trekking tour runs through the United States and offers breathtaking views of the Teton Range. You will be able to see alpine meadows, wildflower fields, and majestic peaks. The trail is considered to be quite demanding, but the rewards are worth it. It usually takes three days to complete the trail, and the best time to hike is between July, August and September. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your hiking boots and explore the beauty of the Teton Crest Trail!
» Details about Teton Crest Trail
  • United States
63 km
Elevation gain:
2.700 m
Round Trip?
Best Months:
July - September
Wild Camping:
Wild camping is allowed

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