The most beautiful long-distance hikes and trekking tours in winter in Colombia 2023

Colombia is a country of stunning landscapes and diverse climates. From snow-capped mountains to the Caribbean beaches, there is something for everyone. Winter is particularly special in Colombia, with its cooler temperatures and clear skies. And what better way to experience it than a long-distance hike? Trekking through the lush countryside and discovering the hidden gems of Colombia is an unforgettable experience. These trekking tours are the best way to explore the country in winter. Whether you're looking for a short weekend hike or an extended journey, Colombia has something to offer for all levels of hikers. So grab your gear and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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1. Ciudad Perdida

Are you looking for a long-distance hiking adventure? Consider the Ciudad Perdida trekking tour in Colombia. This 47 km long hike runs through some of the country's most stunning landscapes. While the trail is easy to demanding, it usually takes two days to complete. The best time to hike is January, February, March, and December. So, if you're ready for an unforgettable trekking experience, the Ciudad Perdida is the perfect choice. Get ready to explore some of Colombia's most breathtaking scenery while challenging yourself to a long-distance hiking adventure.
» Details about Ciudad Perdida
  • Colombia
47 km
Elevation gain:
2.633 m
Round Trip?
Best Months:
January, February, March, December
Wild Camping:
Wild camping is not allowed

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