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MyTrails, the long-distance-trail search engine

by Stefan

At first glance, MyTrails seems like just another website about hiking and outdoor. Basically, that’s not wrong either! But it is also about so much more: It is about adventure, freedom, northern lights, campfires, steep mountains and raging rivers. It is sometimes also about pain, rain and wind, bears, absolute silence, about friendships and also about growing beyond oneself.

In short: It’s all about long-distance hiking trails! Everything that is longer than 42 kilometers and smells of adventure, comes with us in the database. However, typical long-distance trails are longer and you spend at least a few nights on the trail (preferably in a tent/tarp). Distances between 100 and 500 kilometers are rather the rule than the exception.

But why do we take the trouble to create a new page for long-distance hikers, when there are already so many websites on the topic of outdoor? It’s simple: Komoot, outdooractive and co. are great places to plan your next day hike or MTB tour. For multi-day hikes (with tent), however, the requirements are completely different than for day hikes.

And this is where we come in! MyTrails is the website that helps you plan your next long-distance hike with all the information you need. This doesn’t just mean the length of the trail and the total ascent. You can find that everywhere. Rather, we’ll answer the really important questions: Is drinking water a problem on the trail? Can I buy food on the way? Are there rivers to ford? Can I walk the trail despite my fear of heights? Are there bears on the trail and do I therefore have to carry a bear canister? These are just a few of the questions you might ask yourself when preparing for a 300-kilometer trail. And we would like to offer the answers for exactly these questions!

MyTrails will be the perfect blend of community and knowledge base for long-distance trails.

Not an easy task, considering how many long-distance trails and how many questions there are about them 🙂 But we are in good spirits to manage it… together with you! Our next steps are the expansion of the trail database. By the end of 2022, we would like to have the 300 most important and beautiful long-distance hiking trails on our website. In parallel, the functionality of MyTrails will be expanded. In the future, we would like to offer you the possibility to exchange information about the trails and to clarify questions. It is also planned that you can search and find hiking partners. So you don’t have to walk the long trails alone, which is also good for safety.

In short: There are a lot of things planned and MyTrails will be really very cool and tailored exactly to your needs! But we still need some time and would like to ask for your patience. In the meantime, you can of course click through our trails and subscribe to our newsletter (we’ll keep you up to date on new trails and features). Also, we would be very happy if you tell us what you would like to see? What is a feature that would make MyTrails better from your point of view? What information are you currently missing? Here you have the opportunity to post your suggestions and vote. We will then take care of the implementation!

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